I Have TriWest (Military) Insurance, But Need Authorization

Below are instructions if you I have TriWest (military) insurance, but do not yet have an authorization for occupational therapy/speech therapy.

    • Contact your primary care doctor and ask for a prescription for a speech therapy and/or an occupational therapy (OT)  evaluation/treatment.
    • This prescription then goes to TriWest and you should identify that you would like this service at DTC (tax ID #731-65-2748).  You can contact TriWest at 1-888-874-9378, choose option #2 and enter sponsers SSN, you may then choose the authorizations/referrals option on the line.
    • TriWest will notify both of us (we need a written authorization to schedule services).  Please call us to expect and look for your authorization.  If you receive a written authorization and we have not, please feel free to fax it to our local office.
    • Frequently, (particularly for speech therapy services) you will need to provide an IEP to TriWest before they will authorize services.
    • Once we receive the authorization we can schedule your evaluation.  You will be required to sign a financial agreement understanding the terms of your insurance policy, your financial requirements, and our policies prior to scheduling this evaluation.
    • In order to assure a high quality of care, there is a significant amount of clinical paperwork we require. Please fill it out prior to your appointment or be sure to arrive early to complete it.  This paperwork is a significant part of the evaluation and we are not able to complete the evaluation until we receive it.

Please download the following forms: DTC Policies and the therapy packet to bring to your first appointment.

If you have any questions or difficulties during the above steps, please do not hesitate to contact any of our office locations.