I Have Been Approved Through Regional Center For Services

Below are instructions if you have been approved for local Regional Center funding for occupational therapy/speech therapy. DTC is contracted with the Regional Center to provide occupational and speech therapy services.  You must qualify for services according to Regional Center’s Early Start (0-3) program.

  1. If you are receiving direct occupational therapy or speech therapy services through regional center, you can call your case coordinator to change your vendor for services to DTC.  If you are not receiving services from regional center and your child is under 3.
  2. You can contact your local regional center to find out if you qualify for services through them.  If so, advise your service coordinator that you are interested in services through DTC.
  3. Once we receive the authorization for services, we can schedule your evaluation.  If you have received an authorization and we have not, please feel free to fax it to our local office.
  4. Download the following forms: DTC Policies and the therapy packet to bring to your first appointment.

Regional Center Packets:

Speech Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Regional Center

If you have any questions or difficulties during the above steps, please don’t hesitate to call our local office.